It All Begins with You

A Breath Each Day is a Chance at Hand

It All Begins with You: A Breath Each Day is a Chance at Hand

by Síkay Magagane

It All Begins with You is about a girl’s battle with Systemic lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disease that has shaped and defined her life, the struggles with the disease, the context in which the disease happens, the challenges it brought and continues to bring to her, and the hope through the troubled times.

It places the disease in context in terms of family context, friends, personal faith, and places the disease in the person rather than the books. It is based on personal experience – a life that has proven on many occasions not to be easy and how, in the midst of the trials, she found joy counting each day as a blessing on its own.

This book is a great source of inspiration for those who are in pain and a lesson in thanksgiving for those who are blessed with great health. It imparts a very lasting message: no matter the circumstances, it all eventually begins with you.